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Squffie Love

The Home of Squall x Yuffie

Squffie Love: The Squall x Yuffie Community
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Yuffie: Hey, Squall! Come take a look at this!
Squall: It's Leon. And what is it?
Yuffie: Look, a "Squffie" community. I wonder what a "Squffie" is...
Squall: Maybe if you read the rest of the title...
Yuffie: *reads* "Squffie Love: The Squall x Yuffie Community" Wow! A community dedicated to us! And they call us a "Squffie!" How cute is that?!
Squall: Yes, Yuffie. It's cute. Now come on, Sora is waiting for us at the Colliseum.
Yuffie: Okay, Squall.
Squall: It's Leon.

Joining is open to anyone and everyone who enjoys the Squffie pairing. If you do not like this pairing, please do not join. It's as simple as that. Anyone who doesn't enjoy the pairing wouldn't find our conversations interesting, so we're looking out for your best interests.

When you join this community, we ask that you give us a...
Name (of course, it does not have to be real)
Fact About Yourself

We like to know about each person who joins. The main purpose in this community is to make friends who are interested in some of the same things. So, it is helpful if we know a little something about you.

It would also be helpful if you joined the forum where most of everything happens nowadays anyway.

The rules are very simple, and there are only a few of them.

1. Please keep all posts and comments at or below the PG-13 level

2. If you disagree with someone's views, say so nicely. There will be no mean-spirited arguments

3. Posts should have something to do with Squall, Yuffie, or anything from KH, FF7, or FF8. But we're lenient about that ^_^

4. No personal attacks. These will result in banning.

5. HAVE FUN! That's what this community was made for. So that people could get to know others in the Squffiedom.


pingpong867 / gabranth :: Creator/Owner/Moderator
deplora :: Moderator/Maintainer

Any members are welcome to post. We love to hear from everyone. But that means that all members should talk to the rest of us in the community! We're never going to know who you are if you never talk to us. And we all love to talk. ^_^

To contact gabranth (formerly pingpong867), feel free to email her! She also responds on AIM at balfonheim and on MSN at chocabecca[at]hotmail[dot]com.

If there's any questions, you can e-mail me, deplora, and I'll be glad to try and help you out. Or you could just post your question on the message board. Either way works. But, if you e-mail me, please put "livejournal" or "squffie" in the subject line so I don't mistake it for spam.

Enjoy your stay in the Squffiedom!

Squall: Yuffie, are you coming?
Yuffie: Yeah, just a minute. I wonder how they found out about our secret relationship...
Squall: Maybe it was because you said I was cute when I was telling Sora about the puppies.
Yuffie: But you are cute!
Squall: *sigh* Come on, Yuffie. Let's get out of here before the Squffie fans find us.
Yuffie: Uh... Squall, too late. *points to large crowd of fangirls*
Squall: Run.